Things shouldn’t do during the ghost month

As the ghost month , here are some of the things you should avoid doing during this lunar month:

  • Don’t repair your house because the ghosts are apparently looking to mess up things that are being fixed or repaired.
  • Don’t move into a new house.
  • Don’t enter into new relationships.
  • Avoid breaking up with your current significant other as it may lead to suicidal thoughts or attempts.
  • Couples should avoid getting married in this month.
  • Don’t drive late at night to avoid accidents and sightings of ghosts as they may disturb you.
  • Don’t getting into arguments as they may lead to more serious situations.
  • Don’t looking at the mirror at night.
  • Stay away from visiting hospitals.
  • Don’t wandering the streets at night; ghosts are looking for a spare body to possess or sometimes a soul to replace theirs so they can come back to the world of the living.
  • Don’t whistling at night and making noise such as knocking at night.
  • When someone taps on your shoulder once, do not look back as it may be a trick for spirits to possess you.
  • Don’t turn your head when you hear someone call your name at night; instead, you should turn your whole body around.
  • Stay away from water activities.
  • Don’t walk alongside the wall.
  • Don’t hang wet clothes outside at midnight.
  • Don’t use a lot of black or red as it is said to attract hungry spirits.
  • Stay calm when surprised, don’t be too emotional.
  • Do not step on or kick the offerings left on the roadside.
  • Don’t obsess over ghosts and ghouls and don’t go looking for them as they may find you instead.
  • Don’t open an umbrella inside your house.
  • Don’t buying puppets, sculptures or dolls.
  • Don’t say the word “ghost”.
  • Don’t standing under trees or bus stops at night.
  • And most importantly don’t tell a Chinese or Taiwanese person that the Ghost Festival beliefs are superstitious.

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